Support a Specific LCEF Ministry

LCEF makes gifted funds available to ministry efforts in specific LCMS districts and around the world. You can direct your gift to a specific LCEF ministry that touches your heart.

Mission Planting Revolving Fund

This fund honors Merle Freitag, past president of LCEF, with the purpose of providing funds to mission plants in the United States. Merle recognized that many Covenant Congregations and mission plants were in need of operational resources to effectively launch the ministry. Loan requests are made by the Covenant Congregation on behalf of the new church plant. The maximum loan amount is $150,000, and has a three-year balloon at zero interest.

Arthur C. Haake World Ministry Fund

The goal of this fund is to provide for the short-term needs or start-up costs for new partner churches or ministries around the world. Loan requests for the fund come to LCEF through the LCMS Board of Mission Services. Loans made through this fund do carry the risk in lending money to entities in other countries. Rapid fluctuations in the value of foreign currencies could make it difficult for borrowers to repay their loans.

Laborers For Christ

Laborers For Christ is an organized group of dedicated Christian men and women who volunteer a portion of their retirement time to work for LCMS congregations, schools, and social ministry organizations that undertake the construction of their own buildings. A gift to this ministry helps this Christ-centered effort to continue building for our future.

Specific LCEF District

Often LCEF District Vice Presidents and their staff see needs close to home that could be met through an outreach grant, a fee waiver, or other ministry-oriented service. A gift to a specific district could assist a ministry at the grass-roots level: close to your home or in a district close to your heart.

General Ministry Services

LCEF offers programs meant to lift up congregations and assist them in defining their missions, conducting stewardship awareness, and recognizing the make-up of their mission field and community. By giving a gift to one of the service areas such as Demographics or Capital Funding Service (CFS), you help keep the costs low for congregations and essential services available.

Rostered Church Worker Loans

LCEF recognizes the vital ministry conducted by LCMS pastors, teachers, and other church workers. In order to help these servants of the Lord focus on their ministries, and at the request of the Synod, LCEF offers housing, debt consolidation and education repayment loans to rostered church workers. Your gift to this fund keeps loan rates as low as possible for our dedicated pastors and teachers.

Architectural Advisory Committee

A Ministry Service offered exclusively through LCEF, the Architectural Advisory Committee is a group of professional Lutheran architects that volunteer their expertise to LCMS churches, schools, child-care centers, Religious Service Organizations, etc. with advice on site and facility planning, as well as design as an expression of God's glory. Also available are liturgical artists that help congregations adorn worship sites with appropriate, significant pieces of art.