Gift Annuity

A well-developed gifting plan provides a way to continue your stewardship to the church while wisely managing the gifts God has bestowed upon you and your family. An LCEF gift annuity provides a gifting legacy that helps ministries witness the saving grace of Jesus and fixed payments for you.

What Are Gift Annuities?

An LCEF gift annuity is a contract written between The LCMS Foundation and you, with the gift designated for the ministry of LCEF. It can be established with as little as $5,000 (cash or publicly traded securities). In return, the Foundation will pay you or you and your spouse (if selected), a fixed amount. You choose when you will begin receiving the payments and how often. The amount of each distribution is based on the amount of the gift and your age.

After you are called home, the remainder of the gift is given to your designated charity: LCEF. We will put your funds to work helping churches, schools, Concordia universities and seminaries, camps, child-care centers and other LCMS organizations, with customized loans and services.

Some considerations:

  • Payments are fixed for your life and that of a secondary beneficiary (if selected).
  • There may be tax advantages to a gift annuity, including a one-time charitable deduction.
  • An annuity cannot be changed or the terms altered.

Establishing an LCEF Gift Annuity

We recommend you consult with your tax or legal advisors as you consider this choice. Visit the Foundation's gift planning website to run a customized gift annuity presentation, or enter your information into the online gift annuity calculator.

To locate your rate based on your age, select one of the following options.

If you'd like to request a personal gift annuity presentation, please fill out this form and mail it to LCEF. Call 800-843-5233 if you have questions. Read the Disclosure Statement before you download the LCEF Gift Annuity Application.

If you are a resident of Hawaii, The LCMS Foundation is unable to write gift annuities in your state.

After you fill out the application, mail it and your gift to:

Lutheran Church Extension Fund
Attn: Investor Relations
PO Box 229009
St. Louis, MO 63122-9009

When we receive your application and gift, a letter from the Foundation will be sent to you containing important tax information and a draft of the agreement requiring your signature (which must be returned).

LCEF encourages you to consult your tax or legal advisors if you have questions before establishing a charitable gift annuity.