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Ministry Planning

Facilities Planning

Members of the Architectural Advisory Committee (AAC) are professional Lutheran architects and liturgical artists who advise on architectural design, planning, construction and preservation of facilities.

Laborers For Christ, founded in 1980, has helped complete more than 860 "building for eternity" projects. Members are dedicated Christians who enjoy witnessing their faith, serving others, traveling and meeting new people.

In addition to building and renovation projects these groups work together to assist your ministry in creating a more energy efficient facility.

Architectural Advisory Committee

The Architectural Advisory Committee

  • Encourages excellence in church architecture and ecclesiastical art.
  • Stimulates greater understanding of good church architecture and of sound planning for building projects.
  • Encourages architects and artists to strive for a higher level of excellence in planning church buildings.
  • Stimulates sound economic approaches to the planning of worship and educational facilities.
  • Promotes responsible business principles and Christian stewardship throughout your building project.

A Site and Facility Analysis may be the way to get your project planning started. This service helps organizations make good decisions about their land and buildings.

Site and Facility Analysis

A Site and Facility Analysis is ideal for any congregation or school facing a decision about its location or structures. It is designed specifically to help your congregation or school determine:

  • How well your site and facilities match your present ministry needs; and
  • The capacity of your site and facilities to meet the needs of any new or expanded programs.

The analysis is completed by an Architectural Advisory Committee member experienced in the design and planning of LCMS congregations and schools, and will use your existing site and facility plans, current design standards, agency requirements for your site, and congregational and/or school statistics to conduct the analysis.

An architectural advisor will meet for an initial discussion with your congregation on a one-time basis for expenses only. For information about LCEF architectural services, contact your District Vice President or contact the national LCEF office.

Turn to an architectural advisor for recommendations regarding energy efficiency projects.


Laborers For Christ

Laborers For Christ helps put Ministry in Motion by serving as the hands and hearts to accomplish God's plan for your ministry and the goal of reaching more people. Members of Laborers For Christ assist with a remodeling project, building a brand-new facility, or updating an organization's physical structure for optimal efficiency.

Using Laborers For Christ for Your Ministry

Laborers For Christ members bring experience and expert knowledge in construction, typically cutting the project management costs 10% to 30%. Laborers For Christ can also update existing facilities, helping you acquire tax credits, and/or money and energy savings. Read the EPA's publication specifically for congregations, "Putting Energy into Stewardship," for project ideas, potential savings and tips for going "green."

This money-saving benefit is secondary to the uplifting presence Laborers For Christ brings to your ministry. Laborers enjoy attending worship services, Bible studies and becoming part of your ministry. Laborers will help your ministry multiply the volunteer base, not only for the construction project but for your overall ministry.

In order to sign up for a project, you must be an Active Laborer. To become Active, please fill out the Laborers For Christ Application and return it to the St. Louis office.

Available Projects as of May 23, 2016

The project list below may contain projects that have started and need additional Laborers. Click on a project to sign up.

Start Date City, State Project Description Status
Daycare, New, Urban: SF 13000
Sign-up Open.
Residential Care, Renovation, Suburban: SF 0
Sign-up Open.
Residential Care, Renovation, Suburban: SF 0
Sign-up Open.
Sign-up Open - Laborers needed. Potential team list has not yet been submitted.
Sign-up Closed - Potential team list has been submitted for selection of Laborers.
Additional Laborers Needed - Project has started and Laborers are needed.

Energy Efficiency Projects

There are several reasons for making your ministry facility more energy efficient. Maybe you're considering

  • Putting cost savings toward ministry programs.
  • Improving overall longevity of the structure.
  • Practice responsible Christian stewardship of the environment.

LCEF's Architectural Advisory Committee (AAC) and Laborers For Christ members can provide specific recommendations such as implementing energy efficiency projects.

  • Replace under-insulated windows and doors.
  • Remove all caulking, replace with backer rod (an inexpensive foam rope available in variety of sizes) and apply proper sealant on joints, particularly around windows and doors.
  • Install programmable thermostats.
  • Install ceiling fans to boost efficiency or eliminate the need for air conditioning.
  • Replace light-fixture lamps.
  • Upgrade roof and wall insulation.
  • Replace furnaces/boilers.
  • Consider rainwater collection for irrigation; plant more drought-tolerant plants to reduce water use in the landscape.
  • Install occupancy sensors for lighting systems.

A well-designed and executed plan could result in a short pay-back period, and grants may be available to offset the costs. And with help from LCEF's architectural advisors and Laborers For Christ, you can relax, confident your project is being done right with your ministry as the first priority.

Next Steps

  • Ask a member of the Architectural Advisory Committee to establish a plan for the greatest energy savings.
  • Evaluate the costs and determine your priorities and budget. Contact your District Vice President for financing options.
  • Consider having Laborers For Christ implement the plan. They are equipped to manage the project as well as have workers on-site. This can be a considerable cost savings since they work for minimum wage and are diligent employees.