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Beneficiary Designation Form

Designating a Beneficiary

Designating an individual, a ministry or both to be the benefactor of your LCEF investments after your passing ensures your assets are given to the person or ministry of your choice. You may change the designation at any time and split the funds however you wish.

Please note that if you are married, and your spouse is not a joint owner, and the primary beneficiary is not your spouse, it is required that he or she acknowledge that they agree to the named beneficiary(ies) by signing the Beneficiary Designation form. By signing, your spouse also acknowledges that he or she has received a fair and reasonable disclosure of your property and financial obligations and they shall have no claim whatsoever against LCEF for payments to your named beneficiary(ies).

Why designate a beneficiary?

  • Avoid probate (a lengthy and sometimes costly process in which the courts distribute your assets). At your death, designated beneficiaries receive benefits immediately (without a penalty), potentially avoiding the delay, expense and inconvenience of probate.
  • Have the satisfaction of knowing your funds will be distributed to the individuals, ministries and/or organizations of your choice.
  • Maintain complete control over your investments.
  • Change beneficiaries any time you wish.
  • Receive estate-tax deductions for bequests to qualified charitable organizations. When you designate a tax-exempt organization (like LCEF) as a beneficiary, every dollar is passed on to the ministry. Your gift furthers the Lord's work, and the estate-tax deductions save your heirs money.

To designate or change existing beneficiaries, you must complete a Beneficiary Designation Form.

We are thankful for the prayerful support of people like you that share the LCEF mission. Gifts given directly to LCEF make it possible for us to keep costs low on loans and services, and help LCMS organizations maximize their resources for ministry.

If you're considering leaving some of your LCEF investments to one or more beneficiaries, they will want to know why you chose to invest with LCEF. Just as you periodically review your beneficiary designations to ensure your plans still fit your priorities, you may wish to share with your heirs why LCEF is special to you.

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