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National Youth Gathering

LCEF can help you and your youth group earn interest on the raised funds and be ready for the fun at #NYG2016.

Summer Internships

Three career path opportunities to give students on-the-job experience.

College Scholarship

Higher education scholarship opportunities for high school seniors.

Laborers For Christ

Need assistance building your church or school?

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‘Supporting a Great Cause’

‘Supporting a Great Cause’

“Everyone at some point needs to re-evaluate their current savings and investments. Why not do it in a way that helps our synod?”

Mike Dobbs said this approach resonates with many members of his church, Divine Shepherd, Bolingbrook, Illinois. The congregation has a significant percentage of its membership invested with LCEF, including in the Y.I. Club. Dobbs serves as the congregation’s LCEF advocate, sharing the mission with members.


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